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We make several sorts of razai it is really premium in top qualities
Rajai is the Rajasthani name of the Patchwork or the Covering. Yet Jaipuri Rajai is entirely various from other covering or patchwork or rajai you have actually seen. These rajais are completely handmade from printing of the cloth, loading of the cotton, tagai (connecting fand weaving to hold the cotton).

The dental filling of the cotton is additionally finished with great deal of treatment using pinning the additional tough parts of the cotton and also maintaining just the soft cotton to consider that terrific Jaipuri feeling. The soft qualities is one originality of the Jaipuri Rajai one more being lightweight. We duplicate lightweight, if you are searching for those hefty rajais please do deny jaipuri rajai.

The background of Jaipuri Razai goes as well old. As Rajasthan has severe environments of really chilly winters months, the soilders, investors as well as individuals of Rajasthan needed to removal cross country in those aggressive environments on the camels.

They required something cozy and simple to bring patchwork. Jaipuri Rajai is the outcome of those demands. So do not be misinterpreted that Jaipuri Rajais are fragile. They have rather long life as well as offers the individual really well. If you cover the Rajai with another loosened cotton cover you will certainly get back at much better heat.

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